"Solo" Gaze into Madness

Solo's story revolves around the life of Sebastian, a press photographer that can't seem to remember anything else than the headlines and photos made on his career. On his journey he will be confronted with all series of mind-bending puzzles while his memories begin to haunt him.

In “Solo” you will have to think outside the box in order to find the exit within the room. This will be accomplished by watching and reading Sebastian's memories while experiencing his anxiety and fears.

Expect it late 2015


Gaze into Madness


“Solo” was born due to the need of its members to generate a PC game after being published “Magic Ventures” on the Windows Phone Store.

We want to create an innovative and interesting game with international quality standards.

Since its inception “Solo” has been thought as a suspense/psychological horror game where the player must lose notion of the spatial logic.